I would love to help you find the yarns you are looking for.  If you don't see it here please email me.  I might have just the yarn you need.

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Mitzi's Yarns for Weavers and Knitters

Please email me at, or use the phone # (208)340-9775 to contact me for all inquiries.  Thank you.  Mitzi

Hello repeat and new customers.  Thank you for looking at my website.  I am currently recovering from breast cancer surgery and chemotherapy, improving on a daily basis.  I am still OPEN for business.  Sales have been slow but am hoping they will pick up as summer winds down.  I am also in process of moving my yarn shop into Boise, a little at a time, but all of my inventory is still readily available.  Thank you So So Much for your Patronage!!! (August 2017)

Your business is important to me!  Feel free to call or email me and I will happily respond to any questions you may have, provide you with quotes and send samples on request.  Thank you for your interest and have an awesome day!  Mitzi

Please take a look at my Inventory of Wool Weaving Yarns on the Wool Yarns Page!  I also have picked up considerable knitting yarn inventories from 2 local shops that went out of business.

The 'Yarn Shop' is full of bargains with many different fibers, colors, and sizes to choose from. The prices are so wonderful because many of the yarns are "mill ends", meaning the mill or sock factory cannot use them anymore. Their loss, our gain. Because of this, when they are gone, that is it, so please order enough for your project. I hope there is something here that inspires you. Although many of the bargains are from mill ends, I have also been able to make a good buy on name brand knitting yarns to list them below suggested retail. 

In the fall of 2001 my friend Vila, and I were at the “Wool Growers Day” at a local winery where we had our handwovens for sale. I was spinning in the back of our tent, when a man came along who said “Did you weave this?” Vila said “no, Mitzi wove that piece”.  I had to ask what he was doing in Idaho with that North Carolina accent...  Turns out he owned a mill and he had some yarn he thought I might be able to use. It was the first yarn I had for sale, 60/2 silk, still in the box from China, with original customs forms in the box.  I was not looking for a business or a job, but my yarn business and this website were born when I met this nice gentleman.

In January of 2003 I started selling yarn on eBay under the name "mitzimey".  All of my feedback has been positive from over 450 unique customers.  Periodically I send out sample sheets with a selection of yarn.  If you would like to receive the next samples, please send me an e-mail and I will add you to the list.

In April, 2012, I acquired the inventory of more than 2,200 items from a Knitting Yarn shop when my friend who owned it decided to retire.  Please see my Knitting Yarn Page for a listing of these name brand yarns such as Cascade, Universal, Rozetti, Brown Sheep, Mountain Colors and more.  These Knitting Yarns are offered at 20-40% below suggested retail. I will be adding more of them to the Knitting Yarn page as I have time.

In late 2012 I was contacted by a warehouse in Georgia that they had a large quantity of 100% Wool, Mill-end yarn for sale.  5,000 pounds were shipped to me at a reasonable price so it is also now listed on my site as of January 2013.  This is VERY NICE weaving yarn in various natural colors, and some of it is very suitable for knit items also.  This yarn is priced at a bargain, hoping to pass on my savings to all my weaving and knitting friends out there.

There are also new items being listed on the Handwovens page as I continue to weave on my three looms.  I will also be listing some nice hand knit items, some of which are knit using handspun yarn which I spun on one of my spindles or spinning wheels.  Thanks for looking.

Presently my goal is to continue meeting and talking to other fiber addicts, and passing on the savings I have found in yarn from my friends in North Carolina and Georgia, and now my nice knitting yarn inventory. 

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