I would love to help you find the yarns you are looking for.  If you don't see it here please email me.  I might have just the yarn you need.

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100% Wool Mill-End Yarns - Large Inventory of Rug Wools and Wool Knitting Yarn

I received (10/2014) a new shipment of Colors in these yarns.  Some are pale Green, pale Blue, Pinks, Browns, Tan several shades of Gray, and off-whites (Not yet listed and pictured).  Please call to inquire if I have a color in stock that may work for you!

Great Weaving Wool Yarn for Rugs, Blankets, Place Mats, Table Runners, Vests or whatever your Creative Mind imagines.  Some of these yarns are relatively soft and would be great for Knitting Projects also.  Most of the colors do not have labels so I cannot guarantee dye lots.  If matching dye lot is an important factor in your project, PLEASE let me know when ordering and I will do my best to match things up for you.  I would be happy to send samples if you would like to or need to touch the yarn before making a purchase.

I have large quantities of many of these yarns listed, so if you have a large project or do production weaving, ask me about quantity available!  Also in inventory are many miscellaneous natural colors in smaller quantities that are not listed on the website.  

#2 Oatmeal Wool#2, Oatmeal, 100% Rug Wool 3 Ply, Approximately 450 yards per pound

$10.00 per pound

Cone sizes vary from 1.5 to 3 pounds each

Beautiful light tan color.

White 2 Ply#3 - White, 100% Rug Wool 2 Ply Yarn, 825 ypp

2/2 on the label, some of these cones do not have labels.  Large quantity available.
SALE  $7.00 per pound

Cone sizes 1 to 3 pounds and may be some larger.
Cream, Thompson, Cobble100% Rug Wool 2 Ply yarn, 775 ypp
#5 - Cream (lightest color, far left)

#25 - Thompson (far right)

#28 - Cobblestone (lying down), a dark tan color
$10.00 per pound, cone size varies
Grape, Toast Wool Yarn100% Rug Wool yarn
#11 - Grape, very light purplish white, 2 Ply, 700 to 800 YPP, approximately 2 to 3 pound cones
#44 - Toast, light goldish tan, no labels in the cone, 3 Ply, 500 to 600 YPP, approximately 1 to 1.5 pound cones

$10.00 per pound, cone sizes vary
Cream 2/3 2 Ply100% Rug Wool yarn, 3 Ply, 475 ypp
#1 - Cream 2/3

SALE $7.00 per pound, cone sizes vary, but mostly on the large side, running from 2 to 9 pounds

I have a very large quantity of this yarn.
Celery100% Wool, very soft yarn, densely twisted 3 Ply, 450 ypp
#18 - Somerset Celery, a very light, almost pastel green

$20.00 per pound, cone sizes vary

I have knit a sample swatch and it is very soft!
Jims Gold Tan#45 - 100% Rug Wool Yarn, 5/2, 800 ypp
Color JM193, "Jim's Gold", which is Goldy Tan, slightly Golder appearance than the picture shows.

$10.00 per pound

Cone sizes vary,  but mostly +or- 3 Pounds each, some may be smaller.

Oaty - Mealy100% Rug Wool yarn, 3 Ply, 425-550 ypp
#46 - "Oaty" or "Mealy", 2 or More Colors, all Very Similar (they don't have labels)

$10.00 per pound, cone sizes vary (some very large)

Great Weaving Yarn!
Wool 20 over 2100% Wool yarn, 20/2, 5,600 YPP
#112 -  20/2, 100% Wool, Pictured to the left are Deep Purple, Paprika, Natural, 3 different Grays, Stone and Brown 903 - approx 2 pound + or - cones.

Also available, one large cone of Dark Green, one small cone of Red.

wool 20/2
Pictured to the Right are Brown 916, Brown 882, Camel, Taupe, Dark Maroon (under 1 pound each) and Teak.  Both pictures don't show the difference in some of the colors very well, so I'll be happy to send samples. 

Cone sizes vary.  I'll do my best to meet your needs.

$10.00 per pound
White wool 3 Ply100% Rug Wool yarn, densely twisted 3 Ply, 475-550 ypp
#48 - White, cones have no labels, maybe not all the same color

$10.00 per pound, cone size 1 to 3 pounds

Colonial White100% Wool yarn, 425 ypp
#49 - Colonial White, 3 Ply, Very Soft densely twisted yarn, it is an antique or off-white.

$20.00 per pound

I knitted a swatch of this yarn and it is very soft and nice to work with.
Hibernia Suede100% Rug Wool yarn, 525 ypp
#136 - Hibernia Suede, A dark goldy tan

$10.00 per pound, cone sizes vary

I have knit a sample swatch and it is nice to work with.
Fabrica White100% Rug Wool yarn, 3 Ply, 625 ypp
#51 - Fabrica, An Antique or off White.

$10.00 per pound, cone sizes vary

I have knit a sample swatch and it is nice to work with.
Danika Sand100% Rug Wool yarn, 2 Ply, 5/2, 725 ypp
#17 - Danika Sand, Soft Oatmeal Gold/Tan

$10.00 per pound, cone sizes vary

Knit swatch is cast-on 20 stitches with size US 10 needles
Graphite100% Rug Wool yarn, 2 Ply, 700 ypp
#6 - Graphite, Very Dark almost Black Gray

$10.00 per pound, cone sizes vary

I have knit a sample swatch and it is nice to work with.
Wool Knitting Yarn100% Wool Yarn, Cascade 220, The Heathers
100% Peruvian Highland Merino Wool, Soft and Felts great!

100 grams, 3.5 ounce each, 220 yards per skein

$6.60 each

Wool 2 Strand# 9 - 100% Rug Wool yarn, 2 - 2 ply strands wound together on the cone, a natural and an oatmeal together, 400 ypp (tested with both strands together) 

$10.00 per pound, cone sizes vary

Fuzzy Gray100% Rug Wool yarn, 2 Ply, 525-900 ypp
Cones/colors look the same but tests indicate different yardage per pound
#15- Fuzzy Gray - has more hairy fibers on it than some of the other new wools.

$10.00 per pound, cone sizes vary

Hibernia Linen100% Rug Wool yarn, 2 Ply, 3.9/2, 625 ypp
#135- Hibernia Linen, A dark off white, nearly beige

$10.00 per pound, cone sizes vary

Very nice to work with.

Wool Group#110- 6/2 100%Wool yarn.
Colors are limited and most cones are 4 to 6 ounces.  The colors shown are left to right, Charcoal, Taupe under Oat/Taupe, Indigo/Moss, Bark under Taupe/Indigo and Charcoal/Indigo.

Sorry - Sold Out

Superwash Blue#35 - Bulky 3 ply, 100% Superwash Wool yarn.
It is Navy Blue with  approximately 1 pound of yarn on each cone, about 350 yards per pound, so is a Bulky weight.  It will not shrink or felt. Makes great Slipper Socks, Hats or Blankets. 
Price is $7.00 per cone

raisin wool#109 -  The color is called Raisin, 100% wool yarn and is a reddish or brick brown with a black binder thread.

This is Sport Weight yarn, 1,650 yards per pound. The skeins are about 300 yards each, weigh 3.7 ounces and are $4.99 each.    

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