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Rayon Chenille Mill End Yarns

100% rayon chenille is a soft natural fiber made from wood pulp.  Beautiful for both weaving and knitting.  One of my customers took the time to let me know that she tested the rayon chenille she purchased from me.  Her tests found the yarn to be both color fast and durable like the expensive brands of rayon chenille.

Approximate yards per pound for many colors is about 1450. Please note yards per pound is listed on the color card

A suggested sett for weaving with rayon chenille that is 1450 ypp is 16-20 ends per inch.  The fabric will feel stiff when taken off the loom.  After it is washed and dry, it will be amazingly soft.

Prices for Rayon Chenille

Rayon Chenille can be purchased by the cone or in 8 oz skeins. Cone sizes vary so exact pounds may not be available. Price on the cone is $12.00 per pound and the 8 oz skeins are $10.00 each.

Available Colors of Rayon Chenille

Some of the rayon chenille in the shopI have 56 colors of rayon chenille in stock. Some colors are limited in supply. The amount of yarn on each cone varies so instead of listing yarn here for you to just click and buy, please contact me. I can put together an order and quote the correct shipping charges. Call anytime 208-340-9775 or send me an email. I would love to hear from you!

I just acquired (March 2013) many new tones of reds, blues, orange, pink, gold, yellow, green, lavendar and several earth tones.  They are not on the pictures of the color cards, but there are photos of some of the cones showing the new colors toward the bottom of this page.

Hand dyed Rayon chenille If you like to hand dye yarn, Rayon Chenille takes the dye very well.  I have done "hand-painted" warps for several projects and have been pleased with the outcome.  Pictured to the left is an example of the latest one using my White Rayon Chenille. I have a large inventory of white if you would like try a dying project.

Some of the rayon chenille yarns used have created a "collapse effect", or shrank in unexpected ways.  I suggest you try a sample before planning a large project.  Having it locked in tight in the web (a tight sett of the fabric) can reduce or control this effect and the "worming" that can occur in handwoven chenille fabrics.

The cards below are samples of the colors available, but note that under them are listed the colors I have sold out of.

All Rayon Chenilles are $12.00 per pound, except variegated which are $15.00 per pound

Rayon Chenille YarnsMore Rayon Chenille yarns







Note: Color card says 1250 ypp for Black but some cone labels say 1450 ypp and my test with McMorran yarn balance says 1350 or 1675 ypp for different brands and different dye lots. 


Sold Out Colors of Rayon Chenille, No Longer Available.

All Garnets, Ruby,  Morocco, Navy,  Sapphire, Green (green & black),  Earthling, Calico, Hunter Green, Spirited Rose, Prairie, Purple Passion, Abalone, Mahogany and Topaz.

More New Colors on Cards Below



Additional Colors Not Shown on Color Cards  (Sorry, these are Sold Out)

NewRayonChenille1Additional Rayon Chenille, Many New Colors in My Inventory.  Some Bright Colors and some Earth Tones.
Very Limited Quantities, Yards Per Pound vary from 1700 to 2100 with this new inventory.
  Sold Out

NewRayonChenille2If You See Some Colors Here That You Like, Please Give me a Call and I will send you Samples of the Colors you are Interested In.

(208) 340-9775, Mitzi
Green SkeinsRayon Chenille, Different Hues of Green in Skeins.
100% Rayon Chenille in three colors.
Upper: Arbor (Light Olive) 1,350 yards per pound.
Center: Oasis (Blue/Green) 1,550 yards per pound.

Bottom: Lawn (Dark Olive) 1,350 yards per pound.

These skeins are all at least a half pound (vary from 650 to 750 yards), most are 10 ounces and priced at $10.00 each.

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