I would love to help you find the yarns you are looking for.  If you don't see it here please email me.  I might have just the yarn you need.

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Knitting Yarn

I continue to add new items to the shop.  I had the opportunity to acquire the inventory of two yarn shops that friends had decided to close and retire from business. These are mostly Name Brands such as Cascade, Brown Sheep, Mountain Colors, Universal, Rozetti and many more fine yarns with a lot of color, weight and fiber types to choose from. 

I am offering all of these yarns at prices that are 20-40% below suggested retail.  Space on my website and time required to provide pictures and descriptions of every yarn is prohibitive, so what you will see on this page is only representative of what I actually have to offer.  If you have the need or desire for a specific brand, color and/or manufacturers item number, please call or email me to see if I may have it in stock.  I would also mention that some items I have acquired are no longer in production, so if you have a favorite yarn you have been looking for, PLEASE ask me.  More in-stock items will be listed as I have time.

All of my friends locally that have been to the shop are as excited as I am with this fine selection, so please browse through what I have listed and "Happy Shopping!"   I will be glad to talk to you about the yarn or an order anytime you would like to give me a call.           Mitzi

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Alpine NZ WoolAlpine - 100% New Zealand Wool
Dark Brown and Navy Blue are DK 8 Ply, 437 Yards, 200 grams, Needle size 3-6

White is Aran 10 Ply, 364 yards, 200 grams, Needle size 6-8

Limited quantity - $11.63 per skein
BurleyBurley Spun - 100% Wool - Super Bulky
Four colors - Wild Oak, Black, Gray Heather and Sable

132 yard skeins, 8 ounces

$12.48 per skein
CascadeCascade Sierra - 80% Pima Cotton, 20% Merino Wool
191 yard skeins, 100 grams/3.5 ounces
Recommended needle size 7, 5 stitches per inch

$5.57 per skein, 22 colors available, some colors are not pictured
Wool Skeins100% Wool Skeins, Pine Green, Black, Silver Gray, Sunflower, Dune (Khaki)
400 yard skeins, fingering weight or 8/2 for weavers
$5.25 per skein
Cascade SuperwashCascade Yarns 128 Superwash - 100% Superwash Merino Wool
128 yard skeins, 100 grams/3.5 ounces
Recommended needle size 10

$9.20 per skein, Dark Olive Green, Sapphire Blue and Dark Royal Blue

Mermaid CottonUniversal Yarns "fibranatural" Mermaid - 42% Cotton, 35% Superwash Merino Wool, 12% Silk and 11% Seacell
125 yard skeins, 50 grams/1.75 ounces
Recommended needle size 7-9

$8.80 per skein, Storm (Blue/Green), Carafe (Brown), Turkish Tile (Light/Dark Blues) and Ibis Rose (Light/Dark Pink)
Cascade Cloud 9Cascade Yarns "Cloud 9" - 50% Merino Wool, 50% Angora
109 yard skeins, 50 grams/1.75 ounces
Recommended needle size 9

$6.00 per skein, Olive Green, Lime Green, Red and Dark Blue
BallsCascade Yarn - Lana Grande
100% Peruvian Highland Wool
Four colors - Gray Marled, Black, Red and Brown
87 yards, 100 grams/3.5 ounces

Recommended needle size 17, 2 stitches per inch - $5.60 per ball
Cascade 220Cascade 220 - 100% Peruvian Highland Wool

Over 30 colors in stock so some are not pictured to the left, call for specific color inquiries!
Each skein is 220 yards, 100 grams/3.5 ounces

Recommended needle size 7 and 8 - $6.60 per skein
Covington CascadeCascade "Covington" - 53% Wool, 47% Acrylic

Colors in stock are, top to bottom of picture, Vineyard, Blue/Green/Purple, Firebrick and Spring Green
Each skein is 146 yards, 100 grams/3.5 ounces. Recommended needle size 10/11

$10.08 per skein
Cascade LunaCascade "Luna" Paints - Peruvian Cotton

Colors in stock are variegated  Green/Yellow/Blue, Blue/Green/Lavender and Orange/Red/Magenta
Each skein is 164 yards, 100 grams/3.5 ounces.  Recommended needle size 7
$8.87 per skein
MeritwistMeriTwist Handpainted Yarn - Made in Uruguay
100% Merino Wool

Four Beautiful Colors as pictured in Blues, Blue/Green, Earth Tones and Multi-Color

Note: I can try and match up dye lot numbers if you need multiple, same color skeins
99 yards, 100 grams/3.5 ounces

Recommended needle size 10 1/2 - $12.40 per skein
Cash VeroCash Vero Yarn - 55%Merino Extra Fine Wool, 33% Microfiber Arcylic and 12% Cashmere

Dark Olive and Peach are DK, size 6 needles, 125 yards/50 grams

Light Olive, Ruby and Royal Blue are Aran, size 8-9 needles, 98 yards/50 grams

$6.80 per ball 
Classic Worsted BlendUniversal Yarn, Classic Worsted Tapestry, Some colors are 75% Acrylic, 25% Wool, Some are 80/20 and is a very soft yarn.

Seven Color ways are pictured, machine washable and dryable.
197 yards, 100 grams/3.5 ounces.  Recommended needle size 7 to 9, 4 to 5 stitches per inch.

$5.60 per skein
Wool SkeinsWool Knitting Yarns, Colors Galore in numerous brands!

Brown Sheep: Lamb's Pride, Nature Spun, Cotton Fleece (80% cotton, 20% wool), Super Wash and more.

Mountain Colors, Reynold's, Rowan, Borgs, Berroco, and Wildefoot Brands. 

Wool Skeins 2
Please call for your specific needs so I can find what you need or want in my inventory.  Prices vary but I guarantee that everything is priced below normal retail!
Pistaza Cascade YarnCascade Yarn - Pastaza and Pastaza Paints, 50% Llama and 50% Wool Blend

Many Colors, some not Pictured.

132 yards, 100 grams, 3.5 ounces, size 9 needles recommended, 4 stitches per inch

Pistaza Cascade YarnPictured are Rose, Light Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, Blue/Green, Dark Olive Green, Celery Green, Black, Medium Brown and two Paints.

$6.80 per skein

10/2 Cotton with flecks#86-87-88   
10/2 cotton with color flecks in wool and polyester.  It is approximately 4450 yards per pound, and is available in 3 colors:  Ivory mix,  Beige mix (the middle tone of the 3 colors), and Brown mix.  The color flecks or slubs are brown and tan on the Ivory mix, and are ivory and tan on the Brown mix. 

Scarf knit with 10/2 cottonThe knit swatches are done with a single strand - size 3 needles, and 2 strands run together using size 1 needles.  The beautiful lacy scarf was Knit with size 3 knitting needles and wooden beads were added at the ends for an elegant touch.  This yarn is nice and soft and blooms to a fingering weight when it is washed. 

Skeins are 500 yards   $3.99 each
Rhythm"Rhythm" by Jojoland.  100% Wool, Pictured to the left
Excellent Sock Yarn, Not Superwash

The colors are varied for each ball.  When ordering, please specify a general color theme you would like.

Rhythm is 110 yards/50 grams per ball, recommended needle size 7-8.  $4.00 per ball

Wool Sock yarn(Left side of pic to the Right) Grignasco Sottobosco, made in Italy, are pictured to the right.  80% Virgin Wool and 20% Mohair, 142 yards/50 gram ball.  Label recommends size 3 Crochet hook and size 4 knitting needles.  $4.00 per ball

(Right side of pic to the Right) Lifestyle, made in Germany, 100% extra-fine Merino Wool, Superwash, 155 meters/50 gram ball.   $8.00 per ball
red cotton skeins of yarn#40  -  100% cotton.  This yarn is a 3 ply and very soft! It is a great true red color.
2750 yards per pound
fingering to lace weight

400 yard skeins, 50 grams $3.99 each

800 yard skeins/4.7 oz  of #40 true red cotton  price $6.00 
JewelUniversal Yarns "Jewel" - 57% Acrylic, 28% Mohair, 9% Cotton, 6% Polyester

Very soft/fuzzy yarn in combinations of light gold/beige and light blue/light brown and gold.  There are shiny gold threads plied in.
82 yards/50 grams - Needle size 9-11 -  $5.60 Per Skein 
Rozelli Cotton GoldRozelli Yarns "Cotton Gold" - 65% Cotton, 27% Pailettes, 8% Glitter Yarn

A Novelty yarn of Cotton with lots of shiny sequins and shiny threads plied in.

Four colors available are Natural with silver sequins and threads, Black with Gold Sequins and threads, Red with Gold Sequins and Threads, and Black with Silver Sequins and threads.
200 yards/25 grams - Fine -  $8.00 Per Ball 
Black wool blend yarn#160  Black Romance 

This is a nice dark black soft wool blend yarn, and looks a little bit crimpy.   Fingering weight I believe 

The sample was knit with size 4 needles  

400 yard skeins  $4.50 each
Mohair SkeinsMohair Skeins 

22% Mohair, 45% Wool, 33% Acrylic Fuzzy Novelty Yarn made in Spain.
All colors have a black binder thread with "eyelashes" or fuzz up to an inch long, for a brushed mohair look.

The yarn varies from 3,800 to 4,500 yards per pound, skeins are approximately 200 yards each

$1.99 apiece.

Colors available: Powder Blue, Light Powdery Gray, Brick/Orange Red, Dark Green, Gold, Grayish Green.
Cotton eyelash yarns#122 
100% Cotton Natural Colored Eyelash Yarn   

This is technically a 4 ply yarn, and is soft.   The potholder was knit using 3 strands together and size 8 knitting needles
Available in Balls that weigh 2 to 2.5 oz each, 210-270 yards  -   $1.50 each

50 gram Skeins that  are 200 yards -  $2.99 each   
Poly Rose"Roses" 
Nice Mauve/Rosey Pink Polypropylene Yarn   

This fiber is used commercially for undergarments to wick away moisture, dry very fast, be durable and keep you warm.
Skeins approximately 300 yards.   $3.99 each
or 200 yard skeins.   $2.29 each   
Merino Wool yarn skein#67  -  21/2 Light Blue (Soft Powdery Blue), Merino Wool Blend, Label says "Lanas Merino Palermo" 

This yarn is very soft fingering weight and would be great for socks, shawls, scarves etc. 

Skeins are 500 yards,  1.5 oz/45 grams - $4.50 each   One of the samples shown is a single strand knit on size 1 needles and the other is 2 strands knit together on size 5 needles.
fluffy fawn yarn#164 -  Fawn colored Synthetic fluffy, fuzzy 4 ply yarn.  

This yarn is a  soft texture with a shiny appearance, DK weight and would be great for shawls or scarves. 

The yarn is 68 yards/ounce, each ball averages 2.6 ounces, approximately 176 yards total.

$1.50 per ball 
Ligonberry Sun#30 -  Ligonberry/Sunset - two colors of Cotton yarn wound together.  Both colors are "softball" type 100% cotton yarn but the sunset is slightly finer.

The sample pictured is hand knit with size 9 needles.

The yarn is 70 yards/ounce, the balls average 2.9 ounces each, approximately 200 yards.

$1.50 per ball 
Mohair Knitting YarnFuzzy Mohair Blend, Several Brands to Choose From in Many Colors:

Ironstone, Elite La Gran, Berroco Dji Dji and Juliet, Promesa Lanas Katia, Hayfield Eclipse, Sirdar Supreme Mohair, Kid Seta and Colinette Yarns

Yardages/Weights vary by Brand, Most are Mohair, Wool, Nylon, Polyester or Acrylic and some have Glitz.

Price Ranges from $4 to $17 per Skein depending on Brand.
Please call for a price on a specific brand you are interested in.
Wisdom SkyeWisdom Yarns Skye, 100% Wool

One color available which is a tan/brown/light blue variegated.

120 yards, 100 grams, recommended needle sizes 9-11

$5.60 per ball  
Synthetic BallsFireworks Collection

Available in Five Colors - Gemstone, Confetti, Persimmon, Granite and Marble

This is a wonderful yarn for about any knitting or weaving  project from hats to blankets.  I have made a number of Shawls, a hat and a lap blanket with it.

Approximately 60 yards/ounce and the balls average  about 2.7 ounces each, 162 yards.
Sold out of Gemstone (Purple) Balls

$1.50 per ball 
Fortissima SockaFortissima Socka - Teddy Color Sock Yarn

Cuddly soft - 65% Nylon and 35% Superwash Wool.

Some of the colors are quite mixed in the balls, so please indicate a general color theme when ordering.

50 grams weight, approximately 125 yards (packaging says 125 meters).  $8.40 per Ball.

Cascade DolceCascade Yarns - Dolce - 55% Superfine Alpaca, 23% Wool, 22% Silk

109 Yards/50 grams, Needle size 7 recommended.

Colors available are Dark Teal, Evergreen, Olive, Teak and Pesto

$6.40 per Skein

Sherbert Yarn#80 -  The color is called Sherbert, a Synthetic yarn. The color is a goldenrod or orange variegated with green.

This is a good yarn to combine with other colors for accent.  Hand knit samples pictured are using it carried along with various greens, tans and red.

Available in cones that are about 2 pounds each (approximately 10,000 yards/lb)

$5.00 per cone.    

wool raisin#109 -  The color is called Raisin, 100% wool yarn and is a reddish or brick brown with a black binder thread.

This is Sport Weight yarn, 1,650 yards per pound.  Each skein is about 300 yards and weighs 3.7 ounces.

$4.99 per skein

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