I would love to help you find the yarns you are looking for.  If you don't see it here please email me.  I might have just the yarn you need.

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Handwoven and Hand-Knit Items for Sale

Everything here is hand-made by Mitzi Meyers. I add new items as I can complete them, but many sell before I even get them on my web site, that is always nice!

Several customers have requested a particular color combination for something and I would be glad to create scarves, purses or other items in a color combination or fabric type (wool, cotton or rayon chenille) of your choice. Many of the items I have for sale are results of a "special order" because I normally warp my loom with a length to do 3 or 4 scarves even though I have only had an order for 1.  Please give me a call if I can make something for you!

I do enjoy weaving even though I seem to produce in spurts and am also producing some hand-knit items now.  I am usually spinning or weaving a few times a week while knitting most every day, and work for this to always happen.  Thanks for reading! and happy looking!  Mitzi

Wool and Mohair ShawlSOLD - Hand Knit - Wool and Mohair Shawl.  The purplish tufts are Mohair locks knit into the pattern.

It is just shy of 6' across the top of the triangle.Wool Mohair Shawl
The model is 5'7" tall and  to give you an idea of relative size.
(The large pic is closest to actual color)
Twill Long Purple Black ScarfSOLD 100% Rayon Chenille Scarf, Number 3 of 3


This scarf was woven with Midnight Blue and Purple Passion Rayon Chenille Yarns in Twill.  It is extra long so it can easily be worn looped back through itself.  Close up Twill

It is 70" long woven plus 4.5" plied fringes on each end (79" total length) and 5.5" wide.

Should be Handwashed or Drycleaned



The warp is wool and wool blend yarns that were hand dyed by me in a pot of Indigo (a natural dye from a plant-the original blue jean color) giving it an overall variegated blue color.  The weft is a synthetic fluffy variegated green, blue, gold and purple yarn. 

It measures 67" long and 32" wide

Machine washable-gentle cycle, and low heat in the dryer or hang to dry.  
Red Tote Bag for saleRed and Natural colored Tote Bag


100% Wool. A great bag for all kinds of things! I have one I have used for 15 years. It felts with age and use, and is nice and sturdy.

15" wide x 13" tall
handle curves are 8" from top of bag

Comfortable as a shoulder bag.
Nevershiver Group"Mitzi's Never Shiver", combination Shoulder Wrap and "Drape Scarf", very warm and snuggly!

The one pictured on the model is Pink and Purple, hand-knit with two strands of wool/mohair and wool blend yarn carried together.  Hand wash and lay flat to dry.

Draped over the model's arm are two additional Never Shivers in different color combinations, also for sale or, I would be happy to knit one for you with any colors you would like.


The model is 5'7" tall and wears a medium to large blouse for relative size comparison.Nevershiver Group2

If you would like to knit your own, I will provide a free pattern with the purchase of the yarn.
Triangle ShawlHand-Woven Triangle Shawl   


This particular shawl pictured is already SOLD, but I have another on the loom in purple, pink, yellow and green.  I will gladly make one for you with your preference of colors and fiber type (wool, cotton, rayon or acrylic).

They are handwoven on a triangle loom.  The one pictured is 100% Wool yarn.  Hand wash and dry flat or dry-clean.

Triangle Shawl 2The one pictured is 56" wide, 27" long with 7" long plied fringes.  I can make you one in any size up to about 7 feet across the top ot the triangle.

The model is 5'7" tall  so you can get an idea of how one might look on you.   

Circles and Fringe"Circles and Fringe" Wall Hanging

$175 - Special, reduced to $99

Handwoven Wall Hanging using wool, silk, cotton, handspun (shed) wolf fur, plastic tubing, wire, dried sea plant, mohair, rayon chenille and maybe other materials! This was a work in progress for quite some time and I recently resolved to get it finished.  It is quite eye-catching with very interesting patterns and textures.

It measures  44" across the biggest parts, and 54" from top to bottom including the fringe. 
Purple Black ScarfSOLD 100% Rayon Chenille Scarf, Number 1 of 3 


This is number 1 of a series of 3 scarves woven with midnight blue and purple passion rayon chenille in plain weave.

The woven length is 53" plus 3.5" plied fringes on each end (total length 60") and 6.75" wide.  It is an amazingly soft fabric!   

Should be Handwashed or Drycleaned. 
 Woven Shell Basket for saleWoven Shell Basket


The frame for this basket was made from recycled wire, then the sharp edges were covered with masking tape. I wove through the wire with strands of shells that were strung on fishing line, and wool yarn. I won a prize in the container category with this item in our annual challenge competition.

Measures about 5" tall and 6" across the middle of the top.

Black Red ChenilleRayon Chenille Scarf #1 of 3 - Very soft, Black and Red.

$65.00  SOLD

It is #1 of a series of 3 of 100% Rayon Chenille in Black and Red warp with Black weft.

It is 58" x 5.75" with a 3" fringes on each end for total length of 64".

Chenille and Denim PursePurse Made from Handwoven Fabric that is 100% Cotton Hand-painted Warp with 100% Silk Weft. The Liner, Strap and Accents are Recycled Denim.

Sale! $58.00, reduced from $68
This is one of two purses I have that are made from this fabric.  It is 10.5" wide and 9" deep. The strap curve is 21.5" from the top of the purse and has one pocket sewn into the liner.

Rayon Boucle' scarfRayon Boucle' Scarf, Black with Gold stripes and diamonds - Very soft. Made with yarn number 302 listed on my Assorted Weaving Yarns Page. It is 98% Rayon, 2% Nylon.


This scarf would be suitable for a man or woman.

It is 70" x 7.75" with a 4" fringes on each end for total length of 78".

Handpainted Purse with fringePurse made from Handwoven Fabric that is 100% Cotton Multi-colored Hand-painted (dyed) Warp and 100% Silk Weft.

Sale! Reduced to $66 from $76.00
The liner is made from Recycled Denim, one pocket sewn inside, has a snap closure and 3 decorative buttons on the front.
Purse Back
Pictured on the right is the back of the purse which has more pink and is darker with one button.

The dye colors used in the Warp were Pink, Turquoise and Yellow with black accent stripes.

The purse is 8.5" wide, 8" long with 8" braided fringe with small beads braided in. The strap is plied yarn and 19" to the curve straight up from the top of the purse.

Please note: This is not an "everyday" purse.  It should be treated like a piece of jewelry/art and it may not hold up well to heavy use.

Rayon chenille scarf pastel100% Rayon Chenille Scarf, #2 in a Series of 3
$65.00 SOLD

Red and Black warp with Champagne weft and some Red accent stripes.  It is a very luxuriously soft fabric.

55" x 5.75" with 4" fringes, for overall 63" length.  Great for a man or woman.

Best if Handwashed or Drycleaned

Salmon Eyelash Scarf Salmon Eyelash Scarf


White 100% Silk warp with Salmon colored Rayon Chenille and Pink and Purple Synthetic Eyelash Weft. The eyelash yarn gives this scarf a great pink and purple halo.

58.5" x 8.5" with 2" fringes for overall 62.5" length.
Hand knit shawlEarth Tones, Hand Knit Shawl. with button for front closer if wish to wear that way.


Made from Handspun and commercial wool yarns.Wool Knit Shawl

The model is 5'7" tall and wears a medium for an idea of sizing.
100% Rayon Chenille Warp and Weft
Black Purple Rayon Chenille
Black, Purple, Gray Scarf #3


The texture is unbelievably soft and snuggly.

The color combination of black, silvery gray and purple passion creates a very subtle yet powerful appearance and suitable for a man or woman.

60" long (53" woven plus 3.5" plied fringes on each end) x 7" wide.
Pastel Rayon chenille scarf100% Rayon Chenille - White, Natural and Champagne warp.  Hand painted (dyed) Purple, Blue and Pinks variegated weft.


This scarf is 100% rayon chenille and is super soft and drapy.

38" woven length, 7.5" wide with 4.5" fringes for total length of 47".
Rayon Chenille ScarfSOLD 100% Rayon Chenille Scarf. 

 This scarf is woven with 100% Rayon Chenille in pastel variegated, blue and white. It is extra long and can be worn in various fashions.
Chenille Scarf

The feel is ultra-soft. 

This item should be hand washed and laid flat to dry or hung over a rod.

Brown ScarfEarth-tones Rayon Chenille Scarf


This scarf was woven (plain weave) with 100% Rayon Chenille in Oatmeal, Malt, Bronze and Chamois. It is unbelievably soft against your skin.

Measurements are 56" x 8" plus 3.5" fringes on each end, for an overall 63" length.

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