I would love to help you find the yarns you are looking for.  If you don't see it here please email me.  I might have just the yarn you need.

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Cotton Mill End and Knitting Yarn

There are quite a few yarns here and many more in the shop at my home. Hope I have something you can use. Some of us are more tactile than others, so I would be happy to send samples if you need to touch the yarn before making a purchase.  

Cotton 3 Ply#300 - 3 Ply 100% Cotton, 1040 yards per pound, many random colors.  Mostly 1 or 2 cones of each color and many cones of natural.

Some colors are Ginger, Gray, Dark Gray, Light and Medium Blue, Greens, Reds, Browns and Natural.

Cones are 2.5 to 4.5 pounds each.

$10.00 per pound
Cotton SkeinsNot Mill End yarns - Cotton Skeins, Amazing Color Choices, Many Different Brands.

Classic Elite, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (80% Cotton, 20% Wool), Crystal Palace Monterey, Maysville 100% Cotton Rug Filler and Cotton ChenillesCotton Skeins 2

All of these items are priced well below normal retail! Please call me with Brand, Weight, Color and other details for your needs and I will price things out for you.
Cotton 9/3#301  - 9/3 (equivalent to 6/2 cotton), 100% Cotton.  2520 yards per pound.  Most cones weigh 2 to 3+ pounds each.

Available in 5 colors, Red, Mustard, Taro (dark beige), Blue and Evening (Black). Weaves great towels!

$10.00 per pound
Organic Natural Cotton Boucle'#303  - Organic, Natural, 100% cotton Boucle'.  Weaves beautiful terry cloth. 

1050 yards per pound

Cones weigh about 4+ pounds each (Only in natural color)

$12.00 per pound
Mercerized CottonAlcord Brand Mercerized 100% Cotton, 3 Ply SOLD OUT
Approximately 2000-2200 yards per pound, cones are 6-10 ounces each

 $10.00 per pound
red cotton skeins of yarn#40  -  100% cotton  This yarn is a 3 ply and very soft! It is a great true red color.
2750 yards per pound
fingering to lace weight

400 yard skeins, 50 grams $3.99 each

Now available:  800 yard skeins/4.7 oz  of #40 true red cotton  price $6.00 
Cotton Yarn#91  -  8/3 Sold Out Cotton natural and oatmeal barber pole. 2 natural colored strands plied with an oatmeal strand.  Oatmeal is a nice taupe or lite brown.

2200 yards per pound
Cones weigh around 2 1/2 lbs each

$5.00 per lb
Maysville Carpet WarpMaysville Carpet Warp, approximately 1600 yards per pound.  Excellent commercial colors.

The smaller full cones are 1/2 pound (800 yards), the large natural color cones are 2 pounds each.

Large 2 pound Cones Natural Color - $16.00 each
Smaller Full 1/2 pound Cones - $5.00 each
(some colors only available in partial cones and priced accordingly)

Dark Marled cotton yarn#142  -  24/2 Cotton in misc colors most (all except black and navy) are 2 colors plied together for a nice marled cotton.

The two colors (white and natural) on the right side of the picture below and right are sold out)

Light color Marl yarn

9600 yards per pound
Cones weigh from 6 oz up to almost 2 pounds, most are closer to 1 pound

$5.00 per pound
Blue Cotton#82  -  SOLD OUT 3.25/2 100% Cotton Slub or Flake Yarn in a beautiful Navy Blue color.

Cones weigh about 2 pounds each.  1,200 yards per pound.

Price is $5.00 per pound
Softball cotton yarn#30 - 100% Softball type Cotton yarn:  Only available in Ligonberry, a lovely dark pink (sold out of Forest Green)

1150 yards per pound  Cones are very close to 1 pound each.

$5.00 per pound     
Cotton eyelash yarns#122 
100% Cotton Natural Colored Eyelash Yarn   

This is technically a 4 ply yarn, and is soft.   The potholder was knit using 3 strands together and size 8 knitting needles
Available in Balls that weigh 2 to 2.5 oz each so are 210-270 yards - $1.50 each

or 50 grams Skeins that are 200 yards  $2.99 each   


Call or e-mail me for samples. I would love to hear from you. 208-340-9775  

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