I would love to help you find the yarns you are looking for.  If you don't see it here please email me.  I might have just the yarn you need.

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Cotton Mill End and Knitting Yarn

There are quite a few yarns here and many more in the shop at my home. Hope I have something you can use. Some of us are more tactile than others, so I would be happy to send samples if you need to touch the yarn before making a purchase.  

Note that Website has been giving us a little trouble lately.  If you want to know about availability of, or samples of cotton yarns, or any of the others, please let me know and I will give you the most recent available.  Mitzi - 208-340-9775 or

8/2 Cotton8/2 100% Cotton 

3360 yards per pound
Cones weigh approximately 1 pound each
18 colors available

$12.00 per pound

For weaving towels, sett should at 20 ends per inch.
Cotton SkeinsNot Mill End yarns - Cotton Skeins, Amazing Color Choices, Many Different Brands.

Classic Elite, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (80% Cotton, 20% Wool), Crystal Palace Monterey, Maysville 100% Cotton Rug Filler and Cotton ChenillesCotton Skeins 2

All of these items are priced well below normal retail! Please call me with Brand, Weight, Color and other details for your needs and I will price things out for you.
Ink Blue Cone#77  -  SOLD OUT 7/2 Slub in Ink Blue  

Makes Great Towels!

3000 yard per pound
Cones weigh just under 2 lbs up to 3 lbs

$5.00 per pound
gray cotton#85  -  SOLD OUT 6/3 Gray and Natural, 100% cotton.  It has a marled or barber pole appearance. 

1750 yards per pound

Cones weigh about 1-3 pounds each

$5.00 per pound
Mercerized CottonSOLD OUT Alcord Brand Mercerized 100% Cotton, 3 Ply 
Approximately 2000-2200 yards per pound, cones are 6-10 ounces each

There are only one or two cones of each color remaining in my inventory.

 $10.00 per pound
red cotton skeins of yarn#40  -  100% cotton  This yarn is a 3 ply and very soft! It is a great true red color.
2750 yards per pound
fingering to lace weight

400 yard skeins, 50 grams $3.99 each

Now available:  800 yard skeins/4.7 oz  of #40 true red cotton  price $6.00 
Cotton Yarn#91  -  SOLD OUT 8/3 Cotton natural and oatmeal barber pole. 2 natural colored strands plied with an oatmeal strand.  Oatmeal is a nice taupe or lite brown.

2200 yards per pound
Cones weigh around 2 1/2 lbs each

$5.00 per lb
Maysville Carpet WarpSOLD OUT Maysville Carpet Warp, approximately 1600 yards per pound.  Excellent commercial colors.

The smaller full cones are 1/2 pound (800 yards), the large natural color cones are 2 pounds each.

Large 2 pound Cones Natural Color - $16.00 each
Smaller Full 1/2 pound Cones - $5.00 each
(some colors only available in partial cones and priced accordingly)

Dark Marled cotton yarn#142  -  24/2 Cotton in misc colors most (all except black and navy) are 2 colors plied together for a nice marled cotton.

Sorry All of this Yarn is SOLD OUT

Light color Marl yarn

9600 yards per pound
Cones weigh from 6 oz up to almost 2 pounds, most are closer to 1 pound

$5.00 per pound
Blue Cotton#82  -  SOLD OUT 3.25/2 100% Cotton Slub or Flake Yarn in a beautiful Navy Blue color.

Cones weigh about 2 pounds each.  1,200 yards per pound.

Price is $5.00 per pound
Softball cotton yarn100% Softball type Cotton yarn in a choice of two colors:  Ligonberry, a lovely dark pink and Forest Green, a deep dark green.

Note - Green is sold out
There are a few cones of Gold that are not pictured.

1150 yards per pound  Cones are very close to 1 pound each.

$5.00 per pound     
Cotton eyelash yarns#122 
100% Cotton Natural Colored Eyelash Yarn   

This is technically a 4 ply yarn, and is soft.   The potholder was knit using 3 strands together and size 8 knitting needles
Available in Balls that weigh 2 to 2.5 oz each so are 210-270 yards - $1.50 each



Call or e-mail me for samples. I would love to hear from you. 208-340-9775  

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